Flow based data-collector and time-centric data-processor.

Faxe's inner core is based on a dataflow computing engine and it's components also called nodes can be freely combined into an acyclic graph.

Unlike other flowbased frameworks (node_red, ...) in Faxe computing graphs are built with a DSL called dfs.

Rest Api

FAXE can be managed via its rest api.


Data in faxe

In faxe we deal with data_points and data_batches. These data-items are emitted by nodes

Every data_point consists of a ts field, fields and tags. The value of the ts field is always: unix-timestamp in millisecond precision without a timezone.

fields and tags are essentially key-value maps.

Valid data-types for field and tag values are: string, integer, float, key-value map (also deeply nested) and lists. The only valid data-type for field and tag keys is string.

A data_batch consists of a list of data_points ordered by timestamp.

Most faxe nodes can deal with both points and batches.

Value referencing

As field and tag values can be deeply nested maps and lists, it is possible to use a JSON-path like syntax to declare and reference these values:

Valid examples: