The tcp_receive node

This node connects to a tcp endpoint and awaits data with a defined packet size.

It awaits data in a special format, which is defined by the parser parameter, if given. The parser will then try to convert the data to faxe's internal format and emit the result.

If no parser is defined, incoming data will be set as is to the field given with the as paramenter.

packet can be: 1 | 2 | 4 and defaults to 2. Packets consist of a header specifying the number of bytes in the packet, followed by that number of bytes. The header length can be one, two, or four bytes, and containing an unsigned integer in big-endian byte order.

`Length_Header:16/integer, Data:{Length_Header}/binary`

If the changed option is given, the node will only emit on changed values (crc32 checksum comparison).

The tcp listener is protected against flooding with the {active, once} inet option.


def parser = 'parser_robot_plc_v1'



Parameter Description Default
ip( string ) ip or hostname for the tcp peer
port( integer ) port number
packet( integer ) packet length 2
parser( string ) name of parser to use for data conversion, see table below
as( string ) name of the field for parsed data
changed( is_set ) whether to check for changed data false (not set)