The email node

Send an email to one or more recipients

Note: This node is a sink node and does not output any flow-data, therefore any node connected to this node will not get any data.


{% raw %}

.subject('Alert #ex3 EnergyData')
    No data since {{"datetime"}} on topic ''home/garage/energy'', 
    last value was {{"val"}}. 

{% endraw %}

Sends an email with the subject 'Alert #ex3 EnergyData' to 2 recipients.

The body will be rendered into an html template (see parameters). Body is a text_template parameter with two template-values: datetime and val, these two fields must be present in the data_point last received in the email node. If a field used in a text_template is not found in the current data_point, the string 'undefined' will be used.


Parameter Description Default
to(string_list) the recipient email addresses
body_field(string) field_path used to get the body string
template (string) html email template to use from config file
from_address (string) from config file
smtp_relay(string) from config file
smtp_user (string) from config file
smtp_pass (string) from config file

body or body_field must be provided.