The default node

Add fields and/or tags to a data_point or batch if they do not already exist. Does not overwrite or update any fields or tags.

Note: This nodes checks for existence of fields before writing them. Consider using the set node, if you just want some fields set. It is more performant especially with high frequency data streams.


.fields('id', 'vs', 'df')
.field_values('some_id', 1, '05.043')

The above example will set the field id to the value 'some_id' , if a field with the name id does not already exist. Accordingly vs will be set to 1, df will be set to '05.043'.


Parameter Description Default
fields( string_list ) list of fieldnames []
field_values( list ) list of values for the given fields (must have the same length as fieldnames) []
tags( string_list ) list of tagnames []
tag_values( list ) list of values for the given tags (must have the same length as tagnames) []