The crate_out node

Write data to CrateDB.

Sends data to a CRATE DB HTTP endpoint using Crate's HTTP Api. If any errors occur during the request, the node will attempt to retry sending.

Note: This node is a sink node and does not output any flow-data, therefore any node connected to this node will not get any data.


def db_table = 'grip_log_fulltext3'
def db_fields = ['id', 'df', 'vs', 'topic']
def faxe_fields = ['id', 'df', 'vs', 'topic']


Inserts the faxe-fields id, df, vs, topic into the db-fields with the same names and all remaining fields into the db-field named data_obj (which is of type 'OBJECT') in the table grip_log_fulltext3 .


Parameter Description Default
host( string ) hostname or ip address of endpoint from config file
port( integer ) port number from config file
user( string ) username from config file
pass( string ) password from config file
tls( is_set ) whether to use tls ie. https false (not set)
table( string ) database tablename
db_fields( string_list ) db fieldnames (mapping for faxe fieldname to table field names)
faxe_fields( string_list ) faxe fieldnames (mapping for faxe fieldname to table field names)
remaining_fields_as( string ) if given inserts all fields not in faxe_fields into the given field, which must be of type 'object' undefined