The mqtt_subscribe node

Subscribe to an mqtt-broker and get data from one or more topics.




Parameter Description Default
host( string ) Ip address or hostname of the broker from config
port( integer ) The broker's port 1883 from config
user( string ) username from config
pass( string ) password from config
client_id( string ) mqtt client id, defaults to a combination of flow-id and node-id undefined
topics( string_list ) mqtt topic(s) to use undefined
topic( string ) mqtt topic to use undefined
qos( integer ) Quality of service, one of 0, 1 or 2 1
dt_field( string ) name of the timestamp field that is expected 'ts'
dt_format( string ) timestamp or datetime format that is expected (see datetime-parsing) 'millisecond'
include_topic ( bool ) whether to include the mqtt-topic in the resulting datapoints true
topic_as ( string ) if include_topic is true, this will be the fieldname for the mqtt-topic value 'topic'
as ( string ) base object for the output data-point undefined
ssl( is_set ) whether to use ssl false (not set)

One of topic, topics must be specified.