The win_clock node

A window node is for batching data_points, therefore all window nodes will output data_batch items.

This window-type has wall-clock timing, timestamps contained in incoming events are not relevant here.

When the align option is true, window boundaries are aligned according to the every option, this means when every is 5s and an event comes into the window at time 15:03:27, this event will be member of the window that starts at 15:03:25, otherwise the window would start at 15:03:27. By default, the boundaries are defined relative to the first data point the window node receives.

With fill_period given, the window will not emit before "period" time has elapsed (for the first time). This only applies if the period is greater than the every value.



The window will emit every 5 seconds, but only after initially 15 seconds have passed (due to fill_period), it has its boundaries aligned to 5 second intervals.


Parameter Description Default
period( duration ) Window length defaults to every (giving us a tumbling window)
every( duration ) Output window contents every
align( is_set ) Align the window boundaries false (not set)
fill_period( is_set ) Window output only when period time has elapsed false (not set)