Faxe nodes


Faxe nodes can have 2 types of parameters:

  1. Node parameters provided to the node declaration function
% the level parameter is given to the node declaration function
  1. Option parameters provided to an option call
% the level parameter is given as an extra option function

Some parameters are required and others are optional.

Every parameter with no default value is mandatory !

The following is a list of all possible parameter types faxe supports based on the basic data-types:

Name Description Example
is_set Special parameter type that evaluates to true if called (even with no value) .use_ssl()
number Integer or float value 324 or 4.3424325
integer Integer value
float Floating point value
double Floating point value
string String value .topic('home/alex/garage')
atom used internally only
list any kind of list
lambda a lambda expression
number_list a list of numbers .values(3, 44, 34.5)
integer_list a list of integers .ints(2, 3, 4, 5)
float_list a list of floats .floats(43.4, 12.2, 545.009832)
string_list a list of strings .strings('alex1', 'alex2', 'flo', 'markus')
atom_list internally only
lambda_list a list of lambda expressions .functions(lambda: "val" * 2, lambda: "val" * 3, lambda: "val" / 4)

What is important to note: If a node requires a _list type for any parameter, we just provide 1 or more of the same data-type separated be commas.

For example the eval node requires the lambdas parameter to be of type lambda_list, the following calls would be valid:

|eval(lambda: str_concat("strval", postfix))

|eval(lambda: str_starts_with("strval", 'pre'), lambda: 3 * ("val1" + "val2"))

    lambda: sqrt("base") + const,
    lambda: if(hour("ts") > 18 AND day_of_week("ts") < 6, 'late_for_work', 'ok'),
    lambda: abs("ts" - "ts_previous")