The influx_out node

Write data to InfluxDB via it's HTTP API. This node supports InfluxDB up to version 1.8.

If any errors occur during the request, the node will attempt to retry sending.

Since FAXE and InfluxDB share the notion of tags, this node will write all fields to InfluxDB fields and all tags as Influx tags.

If you want to control which fields and tags get written to the database, use one of the flowdata-nodes, ie. use delete to delete some fields and/or tags before writing data with this node.

Note: it is recommended to batch single data-points.

Note: This node is a sink node and does not output any flow-data, therefore any node connected to this node will not get any data.




Use delete and batch before writing to InfluxDB:

.tags('is_on', 'color')




Parameter Description Default
host( string ) hostname or ip address of endpoint from config file
port( integer ) port number from config file
user( string ) username from config file
pass( string ) password from config file
tls( is_set ) whether to use tls ie. https false (not set)
database( string ) database name
measurement( string ) measurement name
retpol( string ) retention policy to write to default