The http_get node

Since 0.16.0

Requests data from a specified HTTP(s) endpoint via the GET method. If any errors occur during the request, the node will attempt to retry sending.

Request are made periodically, if every is given and/or triggered via incoming data-items.



Sends a GET request every 4 seconds to the specified host with the URI path /v1/stats/faxe. Response data will be interpreted as JSON and 'get_response' will be the root object for the resulting data-point.

Example in json format

Http response body:

{"id": 2233, "name": "takahashu", "mode": 123}

Resulting data-point

{"ts": 1629812164152, 
      {"id": 2233, "name": "takahashu", "mode": 123}

Without the as parameter, the resulting data-point would be:

{"ts": 1629812164152, 
  "id": 2233, "name": "takahashu", "mode": 123


Parameter Description Default
host( string ) hostname or ip address of endpoint
port( integer ) port number 80
tls( is_set ) whether to use tls ie. https false (not set)
path( string ) URI path of the http endpoint '/'
every( duration ) interval at which requests are made undefined
align( is_set ) align read intervals according to every false (not set)
payload_type ( string ) how to interpert the response body, 'json' or 'plain' 'json'
retries( integer ) number of retries, if request failed 2
as( string ) Root-path for the resulting data-point. If not given and payload-type is plain, defaults to 'data'. undefined