The deadman node

Emits a point, if there is no item coming in for the given amount of time. For output there are two options:

  • If repeat_last param is set, the node will output the last message it saw incoming as the dead-message, if there is no last message yet, an empty message will be emitted
  • With fields and field_values a list of values can be provided to be included in the output.

  • If no fields (and field_values) parameter and is given, an empty datapoint will be emitted.

  • The repeat_last parameter will always override the fields and field_values parameter
  • The node will forward every message it gets by default, this can be changed by using the no_forward flag




Parameter Description Default
[node] timeout( duration ) timeout value for the node
fields( string_list ) undefined
field_values (string_list) undefined
repeat_last( is_set) whether to output the last value seen false, not set
no_forward( is_set) whether to output every message that comes in (pass through) false, not set
repeat_with_new_ts ( bool ) when repeating an item, set the current timestamp to that item before emitting true